Theres a hippo at my window


Theres a hippo at my window

he came along today

at first I ignored him

thinking he would go away

I walked into another room

and saw his shadow on the wall

I looked around quickly

and he wasnt there at all.

Theres a hippo at my window

he gave a lovley grin

Im just wondering

If I  should let him in

Theres a hippo at my wimdow

I’v firmly shut the latch

think I’ll wait a little longer

To get a better catch

Aother busy day

When the world around you buzzes

and youve not even time to even breath

you need to have a krissey break

and produce whats up your sleeve

take a moment and look around

theres more than concrete

on that ground

people watching is a must

watch the hand movements

friends or lust

Is that man in the trilby hat

a famous singer  or a desert rat

Is the beggar in the street

really trying to make ends meet

now you can go on your merry way

relax , enjoy, have a nice day 🙂