It should have been dark

the curtains were pulled

I saw the light with my eyes shut

slowly I opened them to see

my room bathed in an orange light

It glowed and filled the cool air with a warmth

I placed my feet onto the worn carpet

and tiptoed to the window

and pushed back the curtain

the beauty was outstanding

a sea of bursting colours

I ran and got my camera to

share with you all

~ enjoy my morning ~


My window view

If Love was a Rose


If love was a rose, would you pick more than one

Would you be happy with the life that begun

Would you take several and keep them  alive

In a clear crystal vase right by your side

Would you check them daily and remove dying leaves

And put them in the garden for the magpie thieves

Would the sweet smell of scent fill your room

with distant memories of an affair that was over to soon

do you curl late at night in the dip in the bed

and lean on your pillow where they placed their head

can you see the image of the smiles you shared

and the heat in your heart that showed you cared

will you dream at night of castles and towers

mystical turrets covered with flowers

fields of wild grasses and summer days

and over the horizon a misty haze

will you stop then and listen to the birds in the sky

and remember the day when you asked why